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Discover serenity

Some call it a “Diamond”, others “Heaven on Earth”, but to us it is our precious Vineyard Villa. It was opened in June 2016, and reached its peak very soon after that, both due to its position as well as the extraordinary service. The Vineyard Villa is situated at the heart of the Akrotiri village on a 7 square Greek feet vineyard overlooking a medieval castle and the blue Aegean Sea. It is less than a kilometer away from the famous Kokkini (Red) Beach and the Archaeological site of Akrotiri. It is not just another resort but one that offers the unique experience of wine tasting, namely the Asysrtiko wine that grows on the volcanic soil, and the opportunity to observe the fermentation and wine production process of the Asyrtiko and all other types of wine that are produced there. The visitors may enjoy the tantalizing wines inside a Jacuzzi hot tub while watching the amazing summer sunset in the Aegean Sea.

04:29 AM

Sailing tours

Enjoy your special day on Santorini’s most luxurious and well-equipped yachts. We are coordinating functions for small and large groups will ensure that your day with us will be an event that you and your guests will remember long after you have left beautiful Santorini. Captain Ted’s Santorini Sailing Cruises – Creating memories of a lifetime since 1998.

Closest Landmarks

Red Beach 1.3 km
White Beach 0.5 km
Archaeological Site of Akrotiri 0.9 km
Santorini Port 3.9 km
Art space 6.1 km
Santo wines 6.2 km
Airport8.1 km
Fira 11 km

Booking Award 2018

Our goal as a team is to make your holidays an unforgettable experience at this unique island. Our work and our respectful behavior to our customers combined with your positive feedbacks makes for the second year Vineyard Villa reaching the Winner Award 2018 ???. We would like to thank you for your preference!!